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Begin STEP ONE of the Unit 2 Project here. In STEP ONE, you will read background material and watch some video clips about the Civil War. In STEP TWO, you will log on to Canvas and write your letters. Canvas will assign you a character to play. You will be either a Northerner or a Southerner. You should plan to spend approximately two hours reading and viewing the materials for each letter on this web site.

For detailed instructions and materials about each letter, click on the buttons above.

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Read this exerpt from your textbook about the Civil War in Americn history.

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Visit the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History's online exhibit, "I Take Up My
   Pen: Letters from the Civil War."


Your assignment is to imagine that you are living at the time of the Civil War and then write three letters reacting to events as they unfold.
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