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Preparation. Before you begin writing letter #2, gather some background information by reading, viewing, and listening to the following materials:
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Watch these clips about the Battle of Gettysburg from the documentary film, "The Civil War."
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Read this essay about what life was like for the soldiers who fought in the Civil War.
Read this essay about life on the home front during the war.
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Visit the Gilder Lerhman Institute of American History's online exhibit, "Battle Lines: Letters from America's Wars." Listen to the letters by Gustave Cook and David V. Smith.
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Visit the Gettysburg National Military Park’s online exhibit on “Camp Life.”
July 1863: The Transforming Experience of War. A great battle has just taken place at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Thousands have died, thousands more wounded. What many people hoped would be a short war has turned out to be much longer and much more destructive than anyone could have anticipated. Imagine how your character would react to the prolonged warfare and the terrible carnage of battle.
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