secondary sources
primary sources


In order to play your role, you will need to learn something about the time period, the issues involved in the election, and who the candidates and their supporters were.  To do this you will do research in what historians have written about this time period.  Studies of the past by scholars are called secondary sources.  These sources include published articles and books, digital articles by scholars on the world wide web, and documentary films.

Since you will be writing from the perspective of someone living in 1912, you will also need to conduct research in the historic documents that were generated by people living at that time.  These documents, which historians call primary sources, include newspapers, campaign materials, party platforms, and speeches.

Begin the project by reading and viewing the secondary source materials. Then log on to Canvas, click on the button for "Begin Project" to find out what character you have been assigned. Then return to this web site and look at the appropriate primary sources.

Who will get your vote?