Weekly Learning Journals


Students are required to submit 12 Weekly Learning Journals to Blackboard using the Turnitin drop box.

For each Weekly Learning Journal, students are required to submit a 250-word response to one of the three questions posed on the assignment. Log on to Blackboard and select the correct Weekly Learning Journal assignment in order to read the question choices. Select the question you wish to answer and type your response in a Microsoft Word document. Upload your finished Word document to the Turninit drop box.

No late assignments are accepted.

WLJ Questions & Due Dates

Unit Projects

Click on the buttons below for instructions and access to required assignment materialsunit 1 project
Whose Side Are You On?
DUE: February 11
unit 2 project
Civil War Letters
DUE: March 3
unit 3 project
Virtual Historic Tour of New York City
DUE: April 1
Unit 4 Project
Music of the Civil Rights Movement
DUE: April 22

Final Essay

Students are required to complete a 3-4-page essay reflecting on the course theme of freedom in American history. No research beyond the assigned course textbook and materials is required.

Essays will be submitted to the Turnitin drop box on Blackboard.

The Final Essay is due Friday, April 22




Exams & Quizzes

Students are required to take 1 introductory quiz and 4 exams using the Blackboard ASSESSMENT tool. Each exam is 1 hour long and consists of multiple choice, short answer, matching and identification questions. Exams are open book. Exams will be open for four days at the end of each unit of the course and students may take the test at a time of their own choosing during that period. Students may take their exams from any location.

All exam answers must be in the student’s own words.

No late exams will be accepted

requirements and instructions
exam dates




Grades are a mechanism for communicating the level of academic achievement students have attained in relation to the learning objectives of this course. Grades are not an assessment of student potential, individual character, or effort. Grades in HIST 1700 will be based on the instructor’s evaluation of student performance on the required assignments and exams.

Students can see their grades for all assignments and exams in the Blackboard GRADE BOOK.

Students who have questions about grades are encouraged to talk with the instructor during her scheduled office hours or via the Blackboard EMAIL tool.


The syllabus for HIST 1700 describes the course objectives, requirements and policies. The syllabus also sets out the schedule for all course activities such as the schedule of reading, the due dates for assignments, and when exams will be held.

In order to understand what we will be doing over the next sixteen weeks and what will be required of you as a student in the course, it is important that you read over the syllabus carefully at the beginning of the semester and consult it often as the term proceedes.

You may read the syllabus online or print off a copy to have close at hand when you need it.

online syllabus
syllabus PDF

August 30- September 10

Welcome to the online section of HIST 1700! American Civilization is a sixteen-week, general education course providing an overview of United States history. The course is divided into four units, each covering a key era in America’s past.

During the first week of the course, students should read the syllabus, familiarize themselves with this web site, and read/view the materials listed below. Next, use Blackboard to take the Introductory Quiz.

(Click on film clip #s to view)
WEEK 1 (January 10 -14)
* Give Me Liberty, "Preface"
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #1, #2, #3

WEEK 2 (January 18 - 21)
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #4, and #5


Unit 1

Freedom’s Foundations
January 24 - February 11

(Click on film clip #s to view)
WEEK 3 (January 24 - 28)
* Give Me Liberty, Chp. 4
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #6 and #7
WEEK 4 (January 31 - February 4)
* Give Me Liberty, Chps. 5 and 6
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #8 and #9
WEEK 5 (February 7 - 11)
* Give Me Liberty, Chps. 7 and 8
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #10, #11, and #12
"Liberty!" film clips #1, #2, and #3

Unit 2

A New Birth of Freedom
February 14 - March 3

(Click on film clip #s to view)
WEEK 6 (February 14 -17)
* Give Me Liberty, Chps. 11 and 12
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #13, #14 and #15
* "The Africans," film clips #1, #2, #3
WEEK 7 (February 22 - 24)
* Give Me Liberty, Chps. 13 and 14
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #16, #17, #18, #19
WEEK 8 (February 28 - March 3)
* Give Me Liberty, Chp. 15
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #20, #21, #22, #23
Unit 3

Facing Freedom’s Boundaries
March 14 - April 1

(Click on film clip #s to view)
WEEK 10 (March 14 -18)
* Give Me Liberty, Chps. 16 and 17
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #24 and #25
* "Coney Island," film
WEEK 11 (March 21 - 25)
* Give Me Liberty, Chp. 18
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #26, #27 and #28
* "Triangle Fire," film clip #1
WEEK 12 (March 28 - April 1)
* Give Me Liberty, Chps. 19 and 20
Unit 4

Fighting for Freedom
April 4 - 29

(Click on film clip #s to view)
WEEK 13 (April 4 - 8)
* Give Me Liberty, Chps. 22 and 23
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #29 and #30
* "The Murder of Emmett Till," film
WEEK 14 (April 11 - 15)
* Give Me Liberty, Chp. 24
* "Questioning Freedom," film clips #31 and #32
* "Eyes on the Prize," film clips #1 and #2

WEEK 15 (April 19 - 22)
* Give Me Liberty, Chp. 25
* "Eyes on the Prize," film clip #3, #4, #5 and #6

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Unit 1 study guide

unit 2 study guide

unit 3 study guide

unit 4 study guide

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