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The Election of 1912

One of the most interesting, and dramatic, Presidential elections in modern U. S. history took place in 1912.  The issues in the election revolved around Progressive reform and what policies would be best for a modern industrial, urban society. Four political parties, each with popular candidates, competed in the election.

In the Unit Two assignment, you will be asked to play the role of someone living in 1912. You will be assigned to imagine yourself as an ordinary American. Perhaps you will be a laborer in one of Andrew Canegie's steel plants. Or maybe a young woman working in a settlement house. Or a small business owner. A farmer. A recent immigrant from Russia.

Which of the four candidates in the 1912 election would you support?

Imagine that you're character has been asked by the local newspaper to write an editorial urging people to support one of the candidates. Your editorial should show readers of the newspaper why the candidate you support is the best choice and where he stands on the important issues of the day. As with any good argument, yours needs to explain why the other candidates are not good choices as well as why your guy is best.

Who will get your vote?